October 23, 2011

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October 4, 2008

Balancing to Enjoy our Spring Season

Chinese medicine has, since its early days, recognized that our health interacts with the environment and with the changing seasons.  Understanding the nature of each season and adjusting our diet and lifestyle accordingly can help us maintain a better balance and keep our immune system strong.

The nature of spring is a burst of energy as plants come out of winter hibernation and vigorously push into new growth.  Our first Chinese medical classic, called Inner Classic, recommends that we “rise early with the sun” and take “brisk walks.”  By, doing so, we shake off winter and get into the swing of spring.

In the spring, animals instinctively eat the fresh green grass to cleanse and rejuvenate their system.  We too can benefit from increasing our greens and sprouted seeds and grains during this season!  It’s also good for us to cut back on the heavier foods that kept us warm during the winter months and to eat fewer calories and shed those extra pounds we accumulated.  As we enter spring time, it is better to cook our food for a shorter time at higher temperatures, e.g. sauté method.  When cooking with water, light steaming or minimal simmering is ideal.

Chinese medicine regards the stomach’s function is like a cooking pot whose job is to break down the food we eat into absorbable nutrients.  With this in mind, a large percentage of cold food in the daily diet can overwork the stomach and exhaust its energy.  Inflammatory bowel conditions cannot tolerate raw foods, and people with more delicate health need to limit intake of it.  That being said, during the spring and summer, most people do well with at least a little raw food daily.  Example: a small green salad with the main meal, including romaine, dandelion greens, green onion and radish, topped with a dressing of honey and vinegar – a refreshing addition to the meal while also helping to gently cleanse the liver system.

Some liver dysfunction signs include:  nervous system disorders, allergies, tendonitis, chronic indigestion, edginess, impulsiveness, menstrual disorders, dry eyes and vision problems, nail problems, tight muscles, acne and eczema. If you need extra help with your “spring cleaning,” call today — I can give you treatments, herbal therapy and personalized recommendations that will help you feel your best!