Vaccinations — Children and Adults

Whether or not to take vaccinations is a matter of personal and parental decision.  We do not want to push one way or the other.  However, we do have some help for both children and adults who undertake vaccinations.  First, we recommend that the patient be in stable healthy condition when receiving the vaccination, and recommend, if possible, to take the fewest number of agents at each vaccination — for instance, if possible take just the measles vaccination rather than measles, mumps and rubella all together.  This will avoid the immune system being overtaxed by the vaccination.  We can offer the patient to come into our clinic for acupuncture to boost the immune system and balance the body before vaccination.  At that time, we can provide a dose of Chinese herb tea to drink immediately after the vaccination.  It will help support the body  as it processes the vaccination.  Here again, an acupuncture treatment afterward can help the system get back on even keel.